Although I was grateful for the work, I dreamt of operating my business from my own home office instead of from a client’s private space. That dream has come true in an even grander version than I had imagined, and I have Xero to thank for it.

BLOG: Stuck Inside Using Data Files – Migrating From Grounded To The “Cloud” Thanks To Xero

Just three years ago, I found myself with numerous clients who required me to go to their premises to complete their monthly accounting when the unthinkable happened. I broke my wrist and couldn’t drive. Public transport was challenging, and taxis proved expensive. I faced losing much more than my mobility.

The temporary solution I came up with was just a band-aid – use “Hosted Service and Remote Access”. However, convincing a client to agree to pay extra for additional hosting space proved to be not quite that simple. I ended up using a web based remote access solution, which was ok and so so, this proved to be costly and time consuming. I still needed to ensure no one was working on their data file, so most of the work was processed after hours, and the response time when processing drove me nuts. I’d heard of Xero, had signed up for a trial version and decided to give it a trial run. I was hooked, totally and absolutely addicted to Xero. The rest is history.

Realising that I could service all of my clients with Xero from my own home solved my driving problem and set me on the path to Gold. You see, recently I became the first bookkeeper to reach Gold status with Xero, meaning that I have converted and migrated in excess of 150 client’s data files to Xero and continue to service over 100 clients on Xero providing support and training.

What’s interesting to me is that in my most fearful moment, when I wasn’t sure how I was going to provide for myself, it was my commitment to technology and passion for helping others that actually transformed my own life.

Today I am financially independent and running a successful business with national and international clients – mostly from the comfort of my home office. I still enjoy going out to clients on occasion to assist with training or technology issues, however these days my role is one of mentor and trainer. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than supporting a client to the point of independence with occasional ongoing support. I see this as authentic empowerment and I’m simply passing on the knowledge and skills that my partnership with Xero has afforded me.

The beauty and simplicity of Xero software has provided me with an excellent system for managing my own and my clients’ accounting. I am free to travel locally and overseas, to attend Xero’s action packed conferences without the fear of a huge backlog of work to catch up upon my return. I am meeting and networking with a fabulous team of talented developers who are offering Add On Solutions for Xero, accounting firms and bookkeepers who are all like minded and who love using Xero. Being stuck inside a data file is a thing of the past, because Xero supports the following:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or newer (PC)
  • Mozilla Firefox (FF) 3.6 or newer (PC and Mac)
  • Safari 5 or newer (PC and Mac)
  • Google Chrome (PC and Mac)
  • And on your mobile device if you’re using
  • iOS or Android – your default browser
  • All other devices – Opera Mini

To the team at Xero who continue to support and encourage me, I offer my heartfelt thanks and look forward to an enduring and successful relationship.

Whether you’re a small business owner trying to organise your accounting or a bookkeeper wondering how you can get out of kitchens and bedrooms and into your own home office, I’d love to hear from you to discuss how Xero can help you too.

To find out more about the services I offer, visit my website at or call me on 0412-352-752.

Gillian Rossouw