As a Xero consultant I always have a wonderful sense of satisfaction when I see first hand the difference using Xero Accounting Software can make to a business. The most recent case in point being Luke of CorporateCar City Car, a Brisbane-based transfers and airport limousine services company.

BLOG: Xero at work behind the wheel with CorporateCar City Car

My first dealings with Luke came about after he read a blog I had authored on an application I was reviewing and using in my own business. The purpose of the call was to ask me how I was finding the application, he asked me to explain to him a little bit more about the features and how I was using it in my business, saying he was testing it for his business.

Over the following months we built a friendly rapport and he by chance came across PeopleMine logo on my website and asked me about this application. I recommended he sign up for trial and said would introduce him to the development team in New Zealand, who in turn gave him assistance and guidance around implementing their application for his business.

Luke’s Bio

Luke established his business in 2005. Initially trading under the name Brisbane Limousine Transfers, earlier this year the company underwent a rebrand and re-launched as CorporateCar City Car Service. Servicing both corporate and private clients with a focus on reliability and professionalism, his fleet of luxury cars provides services spanning transfers and tours through to weddings and special events. It’s the type of business that requires a high level of record keeping (mileage and frequency of trips, distances covered, costs etc.) for taxation purposes to meet best practice and compliance standards.

Given the nature of the industry he operates in, Luke was seeking software that would help simplify and streamline his accounting processes. After much research he decided to invest in Xero Beautiful Accounting Software and a couple of Add On Solution applications which he found on Xero’s website. A decision that has revolutionised the way he handles his bookkeeping and administration.

Luke's Quoting System

I sat down with Luke to chat about Xero and how he was coping with the task of record keeping and compliance issues. It is tremendous to be able to keep in touch with clients and listen to “their story telling” about how new technologies are streamlining standard business tasks.

Where It All Happens

Gillian: When did you first come across Xero?

Luke: The first time I stumbled upon Xero was in mid-2011. Before the cloud I was using Excel spreadsheets and manually calculating the GST on hundreds of transactions each month. I now use a range of applications including Xero Accounting, Xero Touch, Shoeboxed, Evernote, PeopleMine, Campaign Monitor, Capsule CRM and Vend POS.

G: What effect has Xero had on streamlining daily tasks?

L: When I first started, manual paperwork took days each week and Sundays were often spent stapling and filing. These tools have reduced it to hours each week and eliminated clunky folders, piles of receipts and paper trail headaches.

G: How has the implementation of Xero and Add On Solutions helped you self-manage the accounting aspects of your business?

L: We use PeopleMine and Campaign Monitor to keep in touch with our customers. This has automated a lot of business tracking, which used to be either impossible or time consuming. Since 80 per cent or more of our business is from repeat clients, PeopleMine was ideal as it takes the guesswork out of clients who we haven’t seen in a while, so we know precisely who and how we communicate to our database.

Your data + PeopleMine.

Other important tools we use include Google Enterprise – for email, docs and calendars – and Capsule CRM. We’ve also played around with Vend as a future POS system in the car.

Corporate Car’s success

Corporate Car is a working example of how small and medium enterprises can benefit from using Xero Accounting, enabling business owners to take the complexity out of managing their own accounting with the assistance of software and new applications.

After the interview with Luke, he asked me to cast my eye over his accounting and was able to give him a few pointers on how he was processing the GST coding on a couple of entries and gave him that lovely “green tick” of approval.

Gillian Rossouw