June 29, 2013by Gillian Rossouw

With the new financial year upon us, I would like to wish everyone a productive year ahead plus share some really cool information on a recent Xero Add On Solution.

Have you heard about this product ? Spanner Planner ? No !

Well Let me tell you a little about it. www.spannerplanner.com

Created by the Auckland company App2SaaS, has been in development and beta testing for close to 2 years and now has been launched internationally.

What Does It Do and How Does It Work

Is dedicated to providing auto workshops with the information they need to enable them to run a busy workshop and to become more efficient and work smarter
using the Cloud It is powerful and economical

Tradesmen are excellent at their jobs they work long hours, extremely busy but time poor.

Whilst designed for the auto industry it is not limited, in fact it is suitable for bicycle repair workshops, the marine industry, tyre repairers and roadworthy
certifiers to name a few of the services which come to mind.

Spanner Planner is another brilliant home grown easy to use eco-system software hatched out of New Zealand.

How does Xero work with Spanner Planner?

Spanner Planner is fully integrated with Xero in the following ways:

  • Create a client in Spanner Planner and it will be pushed to Xero.
  • Create a client in Xero and it will be imported into Spanner Planner
  • Create an invoice in Spanner Planner and it can be manually pushed into Xero
  • Create an invoice and a payment in Spanner Planner and it will be automatically pushed in the next Xero Sync
  • If an invoice has been manually pushed to Xero, and a payment made, Spanner Planner will import the payment
  • If you create a supplier in Spanner Planner then it will be pushed into Xero
  • If you create a supplier in Xero then it will be imported back into Spanner Planner
  • If you create a purchase order for a part or parts, then Spanner Planner will push Purchase Order into Xero
  • If you return a part or part(s) to the supplier then Spanner Planner will create a credit note
  • more with Xero

We have worked closely with Spanner Planner during their beta development stage and in turn assisted clients who have shown a genuine interest in using
Spanner Planner, providing demos, support and shouting out on twitter how this industry is in need of an affordable yet functional solution.

We are excited to announce as from July 1 are able to assist with the implementation, support and training for those wanting to connect to Spanner Planner
and Xero.

We are delighted to be working with Spanner Planner team and their clients to help provide the missing link of the jig-saw pieces for the motor trade.

With over 20 years in the automotive industry, locally here on the Gold Coast, in New Zealand and South Africa, we have an in-depth knowledge of the motor
trade, whether it be parts procurement, job scheduling/costing, workshop time management right through to connecting with accounting using the beautiful
accounting system Xero.

Our services and what we offer:

As a boutique software consulting and training firm, we are big on providing to our clients a personalised service and are available anywhere in the world

We can tailor your package and customise training to suit individual company’s needs.

Simple Data Migration – Spanner Mate

  • Spanner Planner/Xero Set Up
  • Set Up and migrate data from almost any “on premise system”
  • Suppliers Stock/Non Stock/Clients/Vehicles
  • Train your staff using Spanner Planner and Xero

Advanced Data Migration – Spanner Premium

  • All of the above plus job/vehicle history
  • Spanner Planner product release training
  • Train your staff using Spanner Planner and Xero

If ever there was a time to migrate to the cloud this is it 2013-2014. So what are you waiting for?

Want to have a sneak peak ? check out their You Tube channel