Client Stories

We were using MYOB Accounting and needed more efficient processes put into place between accounts and job management. Our estimator was in desperate need of a complete integrated solution.

Due to the complexity of our business, we migrated the data and ran parallel for nine months. Data was uploaded on a monthly basis, constantly checking and matching data integrity. For our payroll and accounting, our accountant and Gillian regularly worked together with our estimator, office administrator and myself.

We chose Jill of All Trades because the service is second-to-none. You won't find such a fantastic service anywhere else – 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week. They provide the very best customer service.

I have used MYOB for many years and was sceptical about trying a new accounting system. However, I have to say that I was extremely impressed by Xero and its implementation by Gillian.

I was extremely happy with the training that Gillian provided during the implementation phase and on an on-going basis. She was able to tailor the training to our staff's knowledge level. The fact that she could log in to my computer to see what I was seeing and then provide instructions meant that any issues we were having were resolved very quickly. She also observed our first few pay runs to make sure we were following the correct procedures.

I would happily recommend Xero and Gillian Rossouw to anyone who wants a user-friendly accounting system that can be accessed anywhere, any time.

Last year I was very fortunate to come into contact with Jill of All Trades, an integrated accounting software consulting firm based on the Gold Coast.

Founder Gillian Rossouw assisted us in our migration to "the world's easiest accounting system" Xero and she and I have remained in almost constant contact ever since. Xero and Gillian have together changed the way I manage the business.

Knowing exactly how well Gillian looks after her clients I am not surprised at all to read that at Xerocon Australia over the past weekend Jill of All Trades received Xero's Xero Knowledge Award for "Knowledge of Xero and third-party products, commitment to ongoing training, promoting Xero, and helping other partners". Gillian was also nominated for the awards of Xero Partner of the Year and Partner Website of the Year (I'm personally quite chuffed about the latter nomination, as we have assisted Gillian with management of her website!)

On behalf of Chilli Chocolate Marketing, and all the clients we are able to serve because she (and Xero) have made our business easier to run, congratulations to Gillian Rossouw - truly Jill of All Trades!

I was up and running in no time. I highly recommend it and Love it, Love it, Love it – now there is something I thought I would never say about an Accounting Package!

As a small business owner – you seem to never have enough time in the day to focus on your core business, let alone all the associated financial, administrative, legal and staff management obligations that you need to fulfil on a day by day basis. I have had three bookkeepers in three years that have all insisted on changing over to their proprietary systems so they can more easily service my needs.

The changeover to Xero, really identified the flaws and limitations of the previous system I was using, and in using “The Jill of All Trades” Gillian Rossouw, to set up Xero, I was up and running in no time. I highly recommend it and Love it, Love it, Love it – now there is something I thought I would never say about an Accounting Package!