We’ve recently added an ABN search feature to the new business.gov.au. This feature is similar to the ABN search feature you may have used on our site previously.

2016_JUN_AUS_TAX - Are you searching for an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

How does it work?

Now, when you enter an ABN into business.gov.au’s search, you will be provided with information about the business the ABN belongs to. This information was supplied by the business when registering for their ABN and is publicly available.

You can use the ABN search feature to:

  • help prove the identity of your business for invoicing
  • check that the ABN provided by a supplier is valid
  • check that your own ABN details are correct and up to date.

What is an ABN and how do I apply?

An ABN is a unique 11 digit number that identifies a business to the government and community.

Applying for an ABN is free, but not everyone is entitled to an ABN – you must be carrying on an enterprise to be eligible.

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