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10-Jul-2019 Melanie ChanUnleashed Software

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Working Together in the Cloud Software Ecosystem

Moving to cloud inventory software is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be an intimidating one. And if you need a bit of extra help, there’s always an expert on hand to help out.

08-Mar-2019 Michiko MyintTradify

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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

It’ll be no surprise to many of us that 8th March is the International Women’s Day. A day of recognising the achievement and the rights of women all around the world. It is also a day to raise awareness of women’s issues that still plagues our country, community and our family. Some are controversial whether it’d be religion, politics or economics that has affected our lives for years. But today is the one day we all stop to draw attention to these issues, to open a forum for discussion and to reflect on the progress we have made to overcome these issues.

17-Feb-2019 CaleenaPracticePlus

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The Basic Requirements & Challenges for a Small Business

Starting up a small business is no easy feat. It requires a great deal of vision and effort. Every small business is unique, and so, it comes with its peculiar rise and falls.

14-Feb-2019 CaleenaPracticePlus

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Brand Loyalty: How you can keep customers coming back

A business does not exist in the absence of customers. Implying that every company needs to have customers flocking around; new or existing. This is the exact reason why several brands keep thinking of new ways to expand their customer base.

14-Feb-2019 Caleena PracticePlus

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Leadership qualities and how you can improve them

There’s always “that” leader everyone looks up to; people want to talk like them, act like them, sound like them, and above all, have the privileges they have. However, it is important to realise that with great opportunity comes great responsibility. Every leader has qualities in them that make them stand out from followers. Yet, many followers have the abilities to become a leader.

14-Feb-2019 CaleenaPracticePlus

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The benefits of advertising on Twitter

Up until recently, Twitter advertising has been a redundant marketing channel in place of the giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

10-Feb-2019 Nellie Akalp

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Five Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business When Stuck in a Seasonal Rut

Does your business surge at specific times of the year, and lag in others? That’s typical for most professionals—there are certain times of the year when business is booming and other times when it is lacking. While it may be nice to have a break to catch up on those must-do administrative tasks, wouldn’t it be better to have steady business all year long? Of course, it would! So let’s take a look at some marketing ideas to grow your business and keep your clients engaged even during the off-season.

07-Feb-2019 Claire Emersoncopyblogger

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5 Key moves to help you become gainfully self-employed

I was tired of spending my days staring miserably at mind-numbing spreadsheets and desperately wishing for our systems to crash so I could go home early.

07-Feb-2019 Guest Xero

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Profitability and cash flow trends for tradies

Cash flow is a critical component of small business success. This is especially true if you run a trade business. Your ability to purchase tools and supplies, pay staff, and keep your vehicles running relies on having cash in the bank.

06-Feb-2019 msghero

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Here are 10 signs that your business is ready for a chatbot.

In this blog post – we explore the top 10 signs that your business is ready for (and will benefit from) a Messenger chatbot!

Messenger marketing is a rather new concept when it comes to business and that’s really exciting, but it can also be a little bit intimidating or maybe a little bit scary. So, if you’re like most business owners, who are a bit intrigued by the idea of chatbots and Messenger marketing, but you’re just not sure if it will work for you, this is the video that you need to watch.

06-Feb-2019 Paul Jarviscopyblogger

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What Elephants, Rats, and Apex Predators Can Teach Us about Creating Durable Businesses

There is a tendency in nature for apex species to get larger and larger. But there is a counterbalance where nature has a tendency of making larger species extinct quickly. This is also true in business: the bigger the business, the more fragile it becomes.

06-Feb-2019 Mark Schaefer

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You Don’t Have Weaknesses, Just Overdone Strengths

The theory of overdone strengths

23-Jan-2019 Tiffany Delmore

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3 Ecommerce Trends You Must Prepare for in 2019

The ecommerce explosion continues, but there's also an element of evolution. To take your ecommerce presence to the next level, take advantage of these emerging trends.

23-Jan-2019 CaleenaPracticeplus

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Facebook Chatbot Marketing - Yay or Nay?

Times have changed. While more users always have their heads bent, busy with their phones; it does not imply that users are busy checking their news feed on Facebook. Instant messaging is the order of the day. Almost every social media app has a corresponding messenger application/option. So does Facebook.

23-Jan-2019 CaleenaPracticeplus

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Video Ads On Facebook, Do They Work?

Video Ads are more than mere trends on Facebook and far more than a feature that is sure to come and go. If you’ve been active on Facebook, the tendency is to have seen video ads on the site for different brands/companies.

20-Jan-2019 CaleenaPracticePlus

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Tips on How to Run a Successful Business In 2019

2019 is here! It’s a new year; not just for individuals, but for businesses and corporations alike. This is what makes the beginning of the year a great time to work something new in your business; a time to set goals.

20-Jan-2019 CaleenaPracticePlus

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Your Website Needs a Spring Clean Too

Not everyone loves spring; however, the idea of a spring clean is well-embraced. It allows a house look new and clean. It also prevents the individual and entire family from suffering several diseases that come with having a dirty home.

If your home (which is only accessible to the few people you know) gets a spring clean so easily, your website (which is accessible to thousands of people) deserves a spring clean too

16-Jan-2019 Abdullahi Muhammed

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10 Remote Work Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Remote work is no longer a privilege. It’s become the standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population. Virtual retreats are no longer attributed solely to progressive startups. Traditional employers are finally on-board and ready to propose a flexible work arrangement higher up the pipeline.

16-Jan-2019 XeroXero

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Introducing bills to mobile

One of the great things about you as Xero users is how openly you reach out with feedback and requests for new features. We take the time to read and understand all feedback we receive. What really stood out to us this time (with around 200 requests coming through last year) was the overwhelming need for bills support in the Xero mobile app.

14-Jan-2019 Rieva Lesonsky

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12 Easy Things Small Business Owners Can Do to Start the New Year Off Right

We’ve just rung in 2019. What can you do to get this new year off to a good start? Here are a dozen ideas. You may not need to implement all of them, so choose the ones that will help you the most—and get going!

14-Jan-2019 Brooke B. Sellas

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4 Ways Social Listening Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Have you harnessed social listening?
As I peruse trends for 2019, I see a lot about listening on social. And I have to chuckle … how is this trendy or new?!
In any case, if part of your marketing strategy involves social media it should also involve social listening.
Here are four easy ways using listening on social media can inform your marketing strategy.

14-Jan-2019 Xero

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Game of Phones: 5 great apps for entrepreneurs

We check our phones about 85 times a day. Chances are, you’re reading this on one right now – or it won’t be long till you check it again. A staggering 70% of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.

14-Jan-2019 Thomas M Hester

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Understanding and Preventing Construction Injuries

Falls from height (FFH) are the leading causes of serious and fatal injuries for construction workers. Almost all of these injuries and fatalities were preventable. There are many different factors that increase the risk of FFH injuries. Getting a understanding of these issues is key to preventing FFH injuries. As a result of identifying the types of hazards and learning how to safely address these hazards on your current jobs will allow you to get lower rates on General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.

17-Dec-2018 Caleena PracticePlus

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Increasing benefits of Cloud Computing

In this era where a lot of activities are digital, no individual or organization wants their information lost. People also want to have access to their information; especially at the point of their needs. Therefore, one thing of increasing importance is the issue of accessible data storage.


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7 steps to brilliant job and staff scheduling

Effective job scheduling is one of the most important but least understood disciplines of business management.

16-Dec-2018 Paul MacPherson Workflow Max

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Security is everyone's responsibility

For most of us the internet is an intrinsic part of our lives. We rely on it to get us where we are going, connect us to friends and family and answer all of our questions, no matter how banal. It has also quickly become an integral part of most businesses, enabling them to complete business transactions in mere minutes as well as connect to their customers and a global network.

16-Dec-2018 Rob Marchant Neto

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Why you should take UX seriously

UX (User Experience) is at the heart of every good design. It’s the difference between your customers groaning in wretched frustration, or grinning with enjoyment; with them shaking a defeated fist at your site and hastily clicking away from it, or completing a satisfying purchase and wanting to return for more.

12-Dec-2018 Caleena PracticePlus

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Christmas celebrations: avoiding Fringe Benefits Tax

It’s Christmas season again, a season to be jolly and a season of giving! Every employer is probably on a quest to appreciate employees for a job well done all year round, and also to provide incentives to help secure great performances from them in advance, for the coming year.

10-Dec-2018 Xero

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Five important business negotiation strategies

Business negotiation is a world of contradictions. You’ve got to be firm but flexible open and sharing, but a little cagey. There’s a lot to get your head around. But your state of mind might be the most important thing. Aim for a mutually beneficial outcome, and you’ll find the whole exercise more comfortable. Follow these five tips to prepare for your next negotiation.

10-Dec-2018 Xero

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How to make price quotes work for you

When a customer asks you for a quote, they're giving you a golden opportunity. With the right response, you can close the deal quickly and win new business. Here's how to make the most of price quotes.

10-Dec-2018 Xero

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Make a mobile office work for your business

Offices used to be essential for most businesses. But mobile technology and new working practices mean that many small businesses don't need any office space. Here's what you need to know about having a mobile office.

10-Dec-2018 Lucas Miller

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Why thinking negatively isn't always a bad thing

Contrary to what you've always been told, thinking negatively can very much be a good thing.

18-Nov-2018 Mark Shaefer Schaefer Marketing Solutions

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Influencer Marketing For Small Businesses And Startups

Some benefits of social media and content marketing are normally inaccessible for small businesses and startups because:

18-Nov-2018 Xero

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Make Small Business Accounting Fun

Owning a small business is exciting. You get to do what you love, day in, day out. But traditionally, small business accounting isn’t exciting. So how can we change this stereotype and make accounting fun and easy?


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$20,000 instant asset write-off extended

The $20,000 instant asset write-off threshold has been extended to 30 June 2019. This means you can continue to claim the cost of new or second-hand assets that are less than the threshold of $20,000.

15-Nov-2018 Brad Anderson readwrite

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4 Email Personalization Tactics That Are Sure to Get Clicks

Email is a notoriously fickle channel. Something as simple as tweaking the subject line can be the difference between an 8 percent or an 80 percent open rate.

15-Nov-2018 Paul Macpherson WorkflowMax

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Are you being data smart with your smartphone?

A few weeks ago, the new shiny iPhone XS entered the market. For all the Apple lovers out there, this might mean being the first to wrap your hands around the irresistibly smooth all-glass design, or finally upgrading your old glitchy iPhone 6 to the new model.

If this is you, I’m guessing you’re focused on the opportunity to start afresh, buy a new case, clear all those apps cluttering your current device, and start playing with its new features. Right?

15-Nov-2018 Xero

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Construction accounting basics

Construction is unlike any other business. Building projects can last for months or even years – and you might be both an employer and a contractor. So how do you learn the basics of construction accounting?


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GST and BAS tips for running a successful business

Successful businesses spend that little bit of extra time on record keeping and getting their tax right, including preparing and lodging business activity statements (BAS). Once set up and organised, you’ll save time in the long run.

15-Nov-2018 Donna MoritzSocially Sorted

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How Customers Engage With Social Media Video: 8 Things You Need To Know

Want to peek into the mind of your ideal customer and find out how they engage with social media video? How they are interacting with brands via video? How are they purchasing?

Take a seat, because in this post we break down exactly how customers are watching social media video and more importantly, how they are purchasing from video.

And it’s all based on data and research, so you can start using this intel now, to get results in your business.

15-Nov-2018 Don Scott Entrepreneurs' Organization

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It's About Time

We equate being busy as being virtuous. When we’re maxed out, it feels safe. It must be productive. (Or is it?) It’s a badge of courage, honor or something …

15-Nov-2018 Cloud Computing Xero

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Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing got you perplexed? You’re not alone. Most of us talk about ‘the cloud’ without even realising what it really means. We’re clearing the air on cloud computing and how it can benefit your small business.

18-Oct-2018 Unleashed

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Accurate Inventory Forecasting, No Crystal Ball Needed

Anticipating future demand is a tough job, wrought with ways you might go wrong. Proper demand forecasting and inventory control can save a company from buying too much or too little of something, which of course avoids expensive overstock scenarios or stockouts.


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Aussie businesses get over $3.5m to launch their innovative idea into global markets

Offers for grants worth over $3.5 million will support 7 businesses to help launch their innovative products, processes and services into domestic and international markets.

The funding has been provided from the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

18-Oct-2018 Vend

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Crafting Your Mobile Strategy: How Retailers Can Go Mobile and Increase Sales

We no longer need studies to tell us: Smartphones are almost everywhere. Most of the customers coming through your doors have a mobile device with them. And these devices aren’t always shoved in pockets or bags — shoppers are using them while they’re in store too.

18-Oct-2018 Debtor Daddy

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Creating a business without debtors

There’s literally hundreds of blog posts giving you the 7-10 steps to reduce debtors and improve cashflow. Yet the debtors problem still exists to some extent in the majority of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) globally.

18-Oct-2018 XERO

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Customer-centric banking innovation in Asia

Over 100 accounting/bookkeeping, marketplace and banking partners across Asia joined us in Brisbane this year to attend Xerocon, the most innovative conference for cloud leaders in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

18-Oct-2018 Debtor Daddy

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Debt Collection: The Whys & When

Too often businesses leave collecting debts at the bottom of the pile. Why? Often there is anxiety and worry around the process, or lack of trust in collection agencies. Sometimes lack of time and understanding of the process.

18-Oct-2018 Float app

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If You Don’t Got the Time, You Don’t Got the Money

Clichés. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. (See what just happened there—it’s that bad).

The most widespread, just-waiting-to-pop-out-at-you, cliché is a very short one, measuring just three words—time is money.


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Make your business's homepage stand out!

The homepage is the most important page of your business’s website. It is the virtual shop front to your business, providing your customers a first impression of what you have to offer. You only have seconds to grab your customer’s attention so it is key to make sure that they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

18-Oct-2018 Go Roster

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Tips for managing seasonal workers

During the Christmas holiday season, businesses of many types employ seasonal or casual workers to meet extra demands. Often these workers are hard-working young people who have travelled from overseas, bringing with them their own language and culture. This international melting-pot makes for a fun and productive work environment, although it can also present challenges.


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Tax deductions for small business owners

Tax time is fast approaching—it’s important to do your homework and know exactly what tax deductions you can claim.

05-Jul-2016 Gillian Rossouw

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Xero Road Shows, Xero Conferences - My incredible journey

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to watch my collection of memories attending Xero Roadshows and XeroCons since 2010 to 2015

30-Jul-2015 Gillian Rossouw

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New tax benefits for small business in Australia

The Australian Federal Budget 2015 delivered by Treasurer Joe Hockey announced a series of key surprises which will allow small business to work smarter and more efficiently with new technology.


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Interview With TidyStock: Xero consultant and inventory expert chooses TidyStock

It was indeed an honour to be interviewed by the Tidy Stock team on clients' reaction after completion of implementation. They have now retired Excel to track their inventory.


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CreditorWatch & Xero - Tools Of the Trade for Tradies

Doing the job is one thing. Getting paid is another thing!


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It is never too late to start using Xero

So you want to convert your data to Xero?

29-Jun-2013 Gillian Rossouw

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With the new financial year upon us, I would like to wish everyone a productive year ahead plus share some really cool information on a recent Xero Add On Solution.


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A great post from a happy Xero user!

I received a heartwarming email from a wonderful client of mine this week. With her permission I’ll post it here, as it makes me feel great! – Gillian


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2012 – an epic year for Australia’s #1 Xero Consultant!

Coming off a stellar 2011 in which Xero Consultant Gillian Rossouw – the eponymous Jill of All Trades – was awarded the Xero Knowledge Award, 2012 saw her take her presence within the Australasian Xero community to a new level.

14-May-2012 Gillian Rossouw

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Introducing Quotient – A “really cool” quoting system

I found an awesome quoting system recently: Quotient, a new addition to Xero’s beautiful suite of Add-on Solution Partners. Quotient is an online quoting system that allows businesses to create customised quotations in minutes. Images can be inserted in the body of the quote for more visual impact, documents can be uploaded and url links can be inserted to showcase a specific feature.

05-May-2012 Gillian Rossouw

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Xero at work behind the wheel with CorporateCar City Car

As a Xero consultant I always have a wonderful sense of satisfaction when I see first hand the difference using Xero Accounting Software can make to a business. The most recent case in point being Luke of CorporateCar City Car, a Brisbane-based transfers and airport limousine services company.

06-Apr-2012 Gillian Rossouw

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Stuck Inside Using Data Files – Migrating From Grounded To The “Cloud” Thanks To Xero

Although I was grateful for the work, I dreamt of operating my business from my own home office instead of from a client’s private space. That dream has come true in an even grander version than I had imagined, and I have Xero to thank for it.

10-Mar-2012 Helen Matterson

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She has the Midas Touch – from the Xero Blog

I first met Gillian Rossouw when we made a video. While relatively new to Xero her enthusiasm knew no bounds. Within minutes she had the young film crew hanging off her every word and all but signed up to Xero.

06-Jan-2012 Gillian Rossouw

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Summer 2012 Business Bulletin

We have some massive things planned for 2012 – the first being my trip to Auckland, New Zealand Feb 2, 2012 to attend Xero’s Xercon NZ – “Moving The Needle”. This is my third trip to New Zealand in as many years, connecting with existing friends and colleagues whom I have worked with over the years , each event gets bigger and better and Xero sure know how to deliver some awesome eye candy when it comes to technology and what is on the horizon.

11-Nov-2011 Gillian Rossouw

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Confessions of a Modern Bookkeeper

Why I believe the “Modern Bookkeeper” who embraces the cloud, will not become redundant.

08-May-2011 Gillian Rossouw

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Xero Roadshow – A new beginning to year-end

Wayne Schmidt, Xero Country Manager, announced 2 days ago via Linkedin thru ABN Network & Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Group : Xero are about to embark on another one of their National Tours of Australia between late May and early June 2011.

13-Mar-2010 Gillian Rossouw

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Using Xero – Accounting Solutions For SME Businesses

I have been using Xero now for approximately five months, and believe this application to be the perfect solution for SME businesses.

14-Jan-2010 Gillian Rossouw

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Xero On-Line Accounting

I have come down from the New Year and Christmas hype and back at work. November & December were extremely busy months for me, learning and road testing new accounting software, catching up on a huge backlog of work and rewarding myself with much needed R&R.

09-Sep-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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10+ ways to recover a corrupted Word document

Few computer experiences are worse than having a Word document blow up on you. But before you resign yourself to losing the document contents, check out these techniques for salvaging your text.

06-Sep-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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Strategies For Improved Service Management

Software Trainers & Consultants can no longer afford to focus on technology and their internal organization, they now have to consider the quality of the services they provide and focus on the relationship with their customers.

06-Sep-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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Why You Need Time Management Software in Your Professional Services Firm

At the inception of your professional services firm you may find it easy to track and dedicate your resources and staff to optimize your team and satisfy your clients. But as your client base grows and your team gets larger, your time management needs change.

01-Sep-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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Creating a business procedures manual

Processes. Love ‘em or loathe them, we can’t live without them. They are part of everything we do. But often we take our business processes for granted until disaster hits or we need to break free from our indispensible role as the boss.

Recently Mark Moore discussed Why you should document procedures and I heartily agree with his sentiments; but how do you get started with creating a business procedures manual for your business?

29-Aug-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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Your MYOB Business Online

Using Your MYOB Business Online will help you cut your IT costs, maximise the flexibility of your systems, and be able to run your business from anywhere in the world.

28-Aug-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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Dry A Submerged Phone

You don’t feel much like talking now that your fancy new phone is at the bottom of the hot tub, ocean, or–shudder–toilet. But if you retrieve your handset quickly, you might be able to get it working again–if you take action right away.

09-Aug-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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Definition of a Consultant

A consultant (from the Latin consultare means “to discuss” from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) is a professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise such as management, accountancy, the environment, entertainment, technology, law (tax law, in particular), human resources, marketing, medicine, finance, life management, economics, public affairs, communication, engineering, sound system design, graphic design, or waste management.

06-Aug-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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Leadership…who cares?

You should!

16-May-2009 Russell Wheeler

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How Russian Roulette could save your business

When two people decide to start a business together, it’s hard for them to see how this promising relationship might one day turn sour. Managing the end-game is something to get right at the beginning with a stakeholders agreement. Russell Wheeler explains why.

27-Mar-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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When Customers Don’t Pay

Missing: One Word document, burning the mid-night oil to get the job completed and a truckload of expertise. If seen, please return to originator. I’ve been robbed and am not happy, Jan.

21-Mar-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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Customer Relations

How To Maintain Customer Relationships & Boost The Value Of Your Existing Clientele?

22-Jan-2009 Gillian Rossouw

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My First Post

Hello all. Welcome to my new blog site, where I plan to post articles which I feel will assist business owners, their bookkeepers, contract consultants & bookkeepers who are either working in or entering this industry.