Wayne Schmidt, Xero Country Manager, Xero.com announced 2 days ago via Linkedin thru ABN Network & Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Group : Xero are about to embark on another one of their National Tours of Australia between late May and early June 2011.

BLOG: Xero Roadshow – A new beginning to year-end

Topics under the spotlight will be:

How to transfer data at year-end and see how Xero has revoluntionised the year end process

Accessing accounts on the go with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Smart Phones. See link to register:


Less Work More Value

With year end fast approaching, “The Modern Bookkeeper” & “Next Generation Firms” will be able to see first hand how to launch their bookkeeping & accounting practice into the 21st century by keeping up todate with the latest technology, meet their peers who have already taken this step and moved their clients into the “cloud” .

Recent Xero Payroll Release Tour – April 2011

I attended Xero’s National Tour in April which featured : Xero Update, The Single Ledger & The Modern Practice & Payroll Release. The information and resources presented were so informative, I booked into Xero’s webinar for a second session about a week later, both of which were presented by Xero Co-founder Hamish Edwards & Team Xero.

With the recently released Payroll module in Xero, I was approached by a Global Xero client asking for assistance with payroll & how to allocate expenses/ liabilities to various cost centres, unique to their country of origin and taxation rulings. The timing was perfect and was able to implement & complete the task using Xero Payroll into their business using information received using customised cost centres pertaining to their requirements.

For Support & Help on how to go to video link : http://blog.xero.com/2008/12/xero-payroll/

Completed Payrun

Coming soon more on payroll

Stay tuned for more blogs on payroll, on how I see business in Australia embracing/adopting web based payroll applications vs traditional desktop applications.

SME’s want more self managed systems by granting staff access to “employee portals” in an on-line environment to apply for leave, key in hours of attendance for approval, access past history such as payslips and Payment Summaries.

Benefits of embracing the cloud for connectivity & collaboration

This is the benefit of using “cloud based applications” bookkeeping/accounting procedures are universal, by embracing the cloud using connectivity and collaboration, one is able to be more customer focused, able to offer support on “as required/needed basis” by logging into your Xero dashboard, giving our clients instant help, no down time, file transfers, travelling etc. Clients value this service simply because we are able to keep them focused and empowered by showing how to monitor and track their business by using all the fabulous Management Reports & features available in Xero. This ultimately gives the “Modern Bookkeeper/Modern Practice” value added services which are billable.

I have no doubt Xero.com will have plenty of “eye candy” for those who take the time to attend the next Xero Roadshow.

Gillian Rossouw