Expenses are a hassle and they cost time and money to process. To help you with the paper war we’re expanding the choice of providers that integrate with Xero and sort this problem for you.

Our latest add-on Receipt Bank is a receipt and invoice processing service that gathers together your receipts and invoices, scans them, converts the receipts into useful data and then sends them directly into Xero.

HOW TO - Receipt Bank and Xero

Receipt Bank extracts all the relevant information, including what your accountant and the tax department needs. There’s also a bureau service available to accountants and bookkeepers.

Uploading receipts for processing anywhere in the world is easy via email, the web, or use the iPhone app to send receipts on the move. (If you’re in the UK you can also send by freepost).

Receipt Bank will process the first 50 receipts for Xero customers free. Find out more or watch this video to see how it works:

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank automates your accounts payable and expense management. We know time is precious so our aim is to reduce the time SMEs, accountants and bookkeepers spend on manual data entry. Receipt Bank was founded in London in 2010 by Michael Wood and Alexis Prenn. Both of whom knew the burden receipts and invoices placed on their previous businesses.