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23-Jan-2019 CaleenaPracticeplus

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Facebook Chatbot Marketing - Yay or Nay?

Times have changed. While more users always have their heads bent, busy with their phones; it does not imply that users are busy checking their news feed on Facebook. Instant messaging is the order of the day. Almost every social media app has a corresponding messenger application/option. So does Facebook.

23-Jan-2019 CaleenaPracticeplus

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Video Ads On Facebook, Do They Work?

Video Ads are more than mere trends on Facebook and far more than a feature that is sure to come and go. If you’ve been active on Facebook, the tendency is to have seen video ads on the site for different brands/companies.

14-Jan-2019 Brooke B. Sellas

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4 Ways Social Listening Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Have you harnessed social listening?
As I peruse trends for 2019, I see a lot about listening on social. And I have to chuckle … how is this trendy or new?!
In any case, if part of your marketing strategy involves social media it should also involve social listening.
Here are four easy ways using listening on social media can inform your marketing strategy.

18-Nov-2018 Mark Shaefer Schaefer Marketing Solutions

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Influencer Marketing For Small Businesses And Startups

Some benefits of social media and content marketing are normally inaccessible for small businesses and startups because:

18-Nov-2018 Xero

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Make Small Business Accounting Fun

Owning a small business is exciting. You get to do what you love, day in, day out. But traditionally, small business accounting isn’t exciting. So how can we change this stereotype and make accounting fun and easy?

15-Nov-2018 Brad Anderson readwrite

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4 Email Personalization Tactics That Are Sure to Get Clicks

Email is a notoriously fickle channel. Something as simple as tweaking the subject line can be the difference between an 8 percent or an 80 percent open rate.

15-Nov-2018 Paul Macpherson WorkflowMax

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Are you being data smart with your smartphone?

A few weeks ago, the new shiny iPhone XS entered the market. For all the Apple lovers out there, this might mean being the first to wrap your hands around the irresistibly smooth all-glass design, or finally upgrading your old glitchy iPhone 6 to the new model.

If this is you, I’m guessing you’re focused on the opportunity to start afresh, buy a new case, clear all those apps cluttering your current device, and start playing with its new features. Right?


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GST and BAS tips for running a successful business

Successful businesses spend that little bit of extra time on record keeping and getting their tax right, including preparing and lodging business activity statements (BAS). Once set up and organised, you’ll save time in the long run.

15-Nov-2018 Don Scott Entrepreneurs' Organization

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It's About Time

We equate being busy as being virtuous. When we’re maxed out, it feels safe. It must be productive. (Or is it?) It’s a badge of courage, honor or something …

15-Nov-2018 Cloud Computing Xero

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Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing got you perplexed? You’re not alone. Most of us talk about ‘the cloud’ without even realising what it really means. We’re clearing the air on cloud computing and how it can benefit your small business.

18-Oct-2018 Unleashed

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Accurate Inventory Forecasting, No Crystal Ball Needed

Anticipating future demand is a tough job, wrought with ways you might go wrong. Proper demand forecasting and inventory control can save a company from buying too much or too little of something, which of course avoids expensive overstock scenarios or stockouts.

18-Oct-2018 Vend

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Crafting Your Mobile Strategy: How Retailers Can Go Mobile and Increase Sales

We no longer need studies to tell us: Smartphones are almost everywhere. Most of the customers coming through your doors have a mobile device with them. And these devices aren’t always shoved in pockets or bags — shoppers are using them while they’re in store too.

29-Jul-2018 Francesca NicasioVend

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7 Ways to Create In-Store Experiences That Drive Traffic and Sales

Question: are you planning to bring anything new to the in-store experience? If your answer is “no,” then brace yourself. The coming years could be rough for your retail business.

29-Jul-2018 Vend

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How to Post on Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

With more than 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is a social media channel of massive proportions. And, when used strategically, it can reap major benefits for your retail store.

29-Jul-2018 Liz StudholmeSpotlight Reporting

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Marketing your Advisory Services

An accounting firms' success is increasingly due to their people skills, rather than just their ability to crunch the numbers.

26-Jul-2018 Nik GeorgeSpotlight Reporting

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Branded Reporting for Advisory Success

Successful marketing is key to raising brand awareness and growing your advisory services. By ensuring that clients receive a professionally branded report and a tailored advisory experience at each meeting, you will enhance the overall perception of your brand to the wider business community and are more likely attract new clients.

28-Jun-2018 Francesca NicasioVend

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9 Back to School Marketing Tips to Fuel Your Campaigns

Students in the US won’t be flocking back to campuses until September, but for retailers, it’s high time to ramp up back to school (BTS) and back to college (BTC) marketing campaigns.

28-Jun-2018 Francesca Nicasio Vend

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How to Increase Your Profit Margins: 8 Proven Tips for Retailers

Your profit margin is a metric that should always be on your radar, and for good reason: it answers critical questions about your business, like whether or not you’re making money or if you’re pricing your products correctly.

27-Jun-2018 Vend

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11 Unique Sales Promotion Examples to Help You Stand Out and Attract Foot Traffic

These days, it seems like every retailer is running some sort of sales promotion. 25% off, $5 off a purchase of $50 or more, buy-one-get-one-free — these approaches are becoming so commonplace that it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

29-May-2018 Francesca NicasioVend

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6 Father’s Day Promotion Ideas to Try in Your Retail Store

Father’s Day is just a few short weeks away, and while this holiday isn’t as huge as the day dedicated to moms, consumers still increase their spending quite a bit.

28-May-2018 Francesca NicasioVend

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12 Retail Checkout Counter Ideas to Try in Your Store

When was the last time you gave your retail checkout counter some love? (And no, we’re not just referring to cleaning up your countertop or moving some stuff around.)

26-Apr-2018 Francesca Nicasio Vend

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How to Engage and Sell to Gen Z

While millennials are still a significant consumer segment for retailers, there is another shopper group that’s continuing to gain spending power.

25-Apr-2018 Francesca Nicasio Vend

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Local Store Marketing for Retailers: 6 Ideas to Boost Your Presence in the Neighborhood

Local store marketing is critical for many retailers, particularly those who have brick-and-mortar stores. Chances are, the bulk of your foot traffic comes from people in the neighborhood, so it’s vital that you get yourself in front of as many locals as possible.

28-Mar-2018 Francesca Nicasio Vend

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How to Encourage Impulse Buys and Unplanned Purchases in Your Retail Store

Impulse purchases account for a significant chunk of the consumer spending pie. According to a study by Marketing Support, Inc. and Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, about one-third of all consumers make a sizeable impulse buy every week, with a median purchase of $30.

27-Feb-2018 Francesca Nicasio Vend

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6 Retail Marketing Strategies to Help You Get New Customers

Whether you’re just setting up shop or been running your store for decades, acquiring new customers is always the name of the game.

26-Feb-2018 Francesca NicasioVend

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We Asked Shoppers Who Their Favorite Retailers Are and Why. Here’s What They Said.

Who is your favorite retailer and why? We posted that question on LinkedIn last week because we wanted to learn more about the retailers that consumers love.

25-Feb-2018 Francesca Nicasio Vend

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12 Examples of Retail Stores That Will Inspire You to Run Your Business Better

One of the best ways to get inspired in your retail business is to see merchants like yourself who are killing it.

18-Jan-2018 Vend

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Social Media Lessons for Retailers

The 3 Best (and 3 Worst) Things You Can Do On Social Networks. Successfully managing your social media efforts takes more than just creating an account and posting a few updates every now and then.

18-Jan-2018 Unleashed

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Where Do Your Customers See Value?

Most small businesses are trying to grow their market share and revenue. This typically means thinking deeply about one of the major factors affecting inventory management: pricing strategy.

17-Jan-2018 Francesca Nicasio Vend

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3 Great Examples of Retailers Reinventing Their Stores to Reach Modern Consumers

If you’ve been keeping abreast with the latest trends then you’ve likely heard about the shifting shopping habits of consumers.


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6 tips to help you create compelling content for your website

Is your New Year's resolution to update your website? Use our tips to help you create engaging content! Is your New Year's resolution to update your business website?

17-Jan-2018 Unleashed

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Do You Need to Up Your B2B Marketing Game?

Business to Business (B2B) marketing practices are changing. Here we identify the latest trends and best practices of 2017.

17-Jan-2018 Vend

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How to Get Media Coverage for Your Retail Business: A DIY Guide

There are several advantages to getting some good PR for your business. In addition to generating buzz, getting covered by the press can drive traffic and sales while boosting your credibility in the process.


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6 tips to help you create compelling content for your website

Don't cut corners when creating content for your website. So you’ve decided to start an online business—congratulations!

27-Nov-2017 Francesca NicasioVend

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What Retailers Should Know About Selling to Millennials (a Chat with Jasmine Glasheen)

Millennials. They’ve been called everything from entitled and lazy to fearless and empowered. But whatever you think about this generation, one thing is clear: Millennials (aka Gen Y) continue to have a significant impact on the economy and society in general.

26-Nov-2017 Unleashed

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Millennials Changing the Landscape of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Millennials have a significant influence in consumer trends in a wide range of industries. The alcoholic beverage industry, for example, is becoming increasingly conditioned by trends among millennial consumers.

23-Nov-2017 Ben ThompsonEmployment Hero

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13 practical ways to make your job ads stand out from the crowd

Writing great job ads is often more difficult than it looks. As well as selling the key requirements of the role, and presenting your company in a positive way, the job ad has to attract the right talent, and drive a response from suitably qualified candidates.

29-Oct-2017 Francesca Nicasio Vend

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How to Sell More Gift Cards in Your Retail Store: 6 Proven Ways

Gift cards. No matter what type of store you have or how big your business is, you’ll likely benefit from carrying them in your shops.

26-Oct-2017 Francesca NicasioVend

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15 Types of Posts That Do Extremely Well on Instagram

Retailers in various industries—be it fashion, homeware, or food—are reaping the benefits of Instagram.

30-Aug-2017 SimPRO

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How to take your business to the next level

You’ve done the hard work by setting up your business and establishing solid foundations with a good client base – congrats! So how do you expand, and do so profitably?

27-Jul-2017 Ryan MurtaghNeto

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Empower your ecommerce customers with a branded mobile app

Over the past five years, mobile devices have begun to dominate the consumer landscape around the world.

15-May-2017 Vend

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Want to Create Amazing Customer Experiences? Learn From These 4 Homeware Stores

The homeware and furniture industry has been doing well for the past couple of years, and we expect this trend to continue. The annual expenditure on furniture per US consumer was $502 in 2015 (up from $386). Meanwhile, a report by Furniture Insights found that furniture orders for February 2017 were up 4% from last year.

10-May-2017 NetoNeto

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3 Key Marketing Challenges Your Online Store is Facing... and How to Fix Them

The web is loaded with articles that promise to help you market your ecommerce store, but there’s one really important fact they usually leave out: it takes time to see results from your marketing efforts, even when you’re doing everything right. How come?

10-May-2017 Neto

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Everything You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing For Your Online Store

The field of marketing never stops evolving. Outdated strategies lose popularity and are soon overtaken by innovative approaches that pair tried-and-tested techniques with new technology. One of the latest strategies is influencer marketing, which takes word-of-mouth advertising and amplifies it through the huge social networks of high-profile individuals. Two-thirds of marketing professionals worldwide are pairing with influencers who can create original content to promote the brand to thousands or even millions of social media followers.

10-May-2017 Neto

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The Power of Collaboration For Marketing Your Business

Collaboration is the key to success for every business—that’s what 75% of CEOs believe. It’s a way of bringing together diverse minds and ideas and sharing resources to create something bigger and better than individuals could achieve alone, and it’s gradually becoming the status quo for modern businesses in all sectors, including retail.

26-Apr-2017 Neto

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Everything you need to know about email marketing for your ecommerce store

Over the past decade, social media platforms have grown in popularity and digital marketing has become one of the dominant ways for brands to interact with their customers. But digital marketing is more than just social media and, after all these years, email marketing is still one of the best ways to keep your customers informed and interested in your brand.

13-Apr-2017 Neto

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How to write copy for your ecommerce store that converts

If you had just one minute to talk to a prospective customer in your store, what would you say? Would you help them find what they were looking for? Tell them about your current promotions? Encourage them to stay a little longer and take a look around? After all, the more time they spend in your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

09-Apr-2017 NetoNeto

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How to keep your customers coming back to your ecommerce store

Attracting new customers to your ecommerce store is a must if you’re going to make a profit, especially in the early years of running your business. It’s one of the best ways to boost your sales in the short term, and grow your store. But there’s a lot of effort involved in acquiring new customers—it can cost six times as much as retaining your existing customers—so it seems like a shame to let them disappear off the face of the earth after just one purchase.

09-Apr-2017 simPRO

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Social media: are you using it for your business?

Social media is a great tool; it’s a route to new and different customers and a direct way of communicating with your existing customers. It’s also a free way to build brand recognition and create a name for yourself in your field.

So it’s surprising that many businesses still don’t have a social media presence. Sometimes this is a conscious decision, but quite often it’s due to people not always understanding the benefits.

The reality is that social networks can bring a whole new dimension to your business – and they’re definitely a marketing tool worth using to your benefit.

06-Apr-2017 SimPro

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Feedback: why your business needs it, and how to get it

Your digital presence as a business is absolutely crucial. If you want consistent work, to build trust in your brand, and the opportunity for growth, you have to know how to gather feedback, and how to embrace it.

Here, we’ve laid out the most important things you need to know about doing just that.

04-Apr-2017 Neto

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7 SEO strategies for your ecommerce site

Your online store is set up and ready to go. You’ve got an attractive site design and helpful product pages, and you’ve promoted your launch through social media and email marketing. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy…but you’re still not seeing the traffic you hoped for. What’s going on?

13-Mar-2017 Neto

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12 Digital marketing strategies to grow your online store (+ 3 bonus tips)

Whether you’ve just opened up shop or you’re expanding your ecommerce empire, one of the biggest ongoing challenges you’ll face is finding a way to increase traffic to your online store. Your high-quality products and stellar customer experiences are a good start, but if you want customers to find you, you’ll need to find a way to stand out in the crowd of competing businesses vying for their attention. In this post, we’ll take you through a collection of digital marketing strategies that will help you attract and retain a customer base that’s both engaged and loyal, so you can get ahead of the competition.


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Don't be a stranger: keeping in contact with customers

With loyal customers being worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase, it pays to keep in touch even after you’ve made the sale. After all, they’re not easy to replace—new customers are in limited supply, significantly less likely to buy, and up to six times more expensive to sell to than your existing customer base. So it’s important for retailers to retain their customers by building authentic relationships that benefit both parties.

07-Mar-2017 simPRO

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Making metrics honest with the internet

Almost every product or service imaginable these days has a website where anyone with an opinion can rate or comment on the product they purchased or service they received.

And thanks to the smartphone, this can be done instantaneously.

12-Feb-2017 VendHQ

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5 Important Lessons SMBs Can Learn from Retail Giants

As an SMB, you’ll never have a shortage of sources for tips and insights. From retail websites (such as this one) to mentors and fellow retailers, there’s always somewhere to turn to for business advice and best practices.


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Do you want to attract more customers?

Grow your business through marketing and advertising!

Whether you’re a personal trainer or a large computer repair shop, if you want to grow and build your business, you’ll need to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Effectively marketing your business is one way to grow your brand and your business.

09-Feb-2017 TaxJar

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7 Ways to Get the Most out of Amazon Sponsored Products

With more than 350 million products on it becomes more and more difficult for sellers to get their products in front of the customer. Thus, Amazon’s “Sponsored Products” ads (“Amazon PPC”) are becoming extremely popular among sellers as they offer an (allegedly) easy way to bring their products on the first page. The following tips will help Amazon sellers avoid some common mistakes and get the most out of Amazon Sponsored Products.

09-Feb-2017 VendHQ

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How to Personalize the Customer Experience: 5 Quick Tips for Retailers

Personalization is one of the most important aspects of retail and one of the biggest industry trends for 2017. The key to building lasting relationships with customers, personalized shopping experiences generate satisfaction and loyalty on the part of the consumer — and increased revenue for the retailer.

23-Oct-2016 Francesca NicasioVend

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Going Paperless: 6 Ways to Digitize Your Retail Business

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when the word “paperless” is brought up?

22-Oct-2016 JasonNeto

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Don't get beaten by your competitors

I am astounded by the number of times I search for a product online, click the option to purchase, only to find that I then need to phone the retailer to pay. In 2016, this kind of disconnected experience is not good enough. Connected consumers want the freedom to buy from anywhere at any time, with a recent Zendesk survey revealing that 67% of consumers use multiple channels to make purchases.

08-Oct-2016 Bhavika ThakkarXero

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Why a website is vital for a small business

With smartphones at our fingertips, customers are searching online more than anywhere else to research a product. As a small business owner, it’s critical that you have a website ready for customers who are looking you up. Understanding why it is important and figuring out where to start can be intimidating. Here’s what you need to know.

05-Oct-2016 Bhavika ThakkarXero

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Make sure your customers keep coming back

Small businesses will often say that their number one goal is business growth. But where does business growth come from? An easy answer to this can be “attracting new customers”. But attracting new customers can come at a very high price. Marketing has become increasingly difficult with online advertising and social media offering. Competition is fierce. Every other small business is online competing for potential customers. On the other hand, you could rely on word-of-mouth, but that is going to be a very slow process.

27-Sep-2016 Mallika GoelWorkflowMax

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10 Tips For Marketing Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

Marketing. *Cringe*. You can think of a million things you’d rather be doing. The ice bucket challenge in the middle of winter. A half marathon with your ridiculously fit niece, a Toastmasters table topics competition in front of 100 unknown people.

26-Aug-2016 Rory LanganFloat

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8 Tips For Launching Your New Marketing Campaign

All too often a brand will launch a new product or service that flops because of a poorly thought through marketing campaign – so here are 8 tips for a successful marketing campaign.

19-Aug-2016 Steff GreenWorkflowMax

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10 Things You’re Not Doing To Nurture Your Clients

Research suggests it costs a business between 4-10 times more to acquire a new client than it does to retain a current client. As a business owner, you will do well to look for ways to nurture these clients who’ve used you once into not just returning, but spreading the word about your company.

17-Aug-2016 Mallika GoelWorkflowMax

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5 Classic Blogging Mistakes Small Businesses Make (And How To Avoid Them)

You’ve got a beautiful business blog, full of white space and full bleed imagery. It’s responsive, a pleasure to scroll through and sure looks a whole lot snazzier than what your competitors are pushing out on a regular basis. You know you’re getting traffic because comments are surfacing every now and again, “likes” are trickling from your social feeds – but all in all it’s not really converting to new business or opportunities.

What are you doing wrong?

11-Aug-2016 Caitlin SisleyWorkflowMax

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Which Social Media Channel is Best for My Small Business?

Is your small business on social media yet? I’m sure you’ve heard of the great potential social media holds for marketing your company, so I won’t preach to the converted. Everyone knows about the 6 big players - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn - but trust me, not all of them are right for your small business.

31-Jul-2016 JasonNeto

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10 Examples of Outstanding Customer Service That Fuels Loyalty

You put a lot of work into gaining your customers.

So once you have them, you don’t want them to simply buy from you once, and then leave you to go out acquiring new customers.

That’s exactly what might happen if your customer has a bad experience with your customer service.

20-Jul-2016 Ryan MurtaghNeto

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10 Tips for Coming Up With a Killer Business Name

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

In one of Shakespeare's most famous lines, he reminds us that a name really is just... a name.

But is a name more when it comes to business?

Let’s for a moment look at some of the perks of a smart business name.

26-Jun-2016 Francesca NicasioVend

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5 Ways Retailers Can Increase Word of Mouth and Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful drivers of traffic and sales for retailers. According to McKinsey, it’s the primary factor behind 20 – 50% of all buying decisions and can influence purchases in ways that traditional advertising can’t.

Word of mouth is like the holy grail of marketing. And to help you tap into it, we’ve compiled some tips that you can put into action in your store.

26-Jun-2016 Sian ScottsimPRO

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4 easy tips for building a successful brand

Every successful company, large or small, has a strong brand. In fact, the most important and valuable asset of some of the largest companies in the world – Apple, Google and Coca-Cola – is their brand.
But you don’t need a massive marketing budget to build a successful brand. It can be done with just a few simple changes to the way you think about and operate your business.

24-Jun-2016 Mallika GoelWorkflowMax

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The Cheap Competition Conundrum: How To Stay Competitive In Your Industry

It’s an issue a lot of our customers face: being priced out of work by newer, shinier and yes, cheaper competition. If your business is losing clients this way, it’s time to assess what’s going on.

As any business grows, one of the biggest challenges is keeping costs to a minimum while bringing in more revenue and staying profitable. In others words: achieving business efficiency. So how can you go about doing this?

29-May-2016 Alex CruickshankXero

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How to come up with a name that suits your business

Some company names have interesting stories behind them. For example, Nike is named after the Greek goddess of victory. Yahoo! Is short for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” Steve Jobs came up with the name Apple after a trip to an apple farm. He thought the name sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.”

29-May-2016 Tony Fraser-JonesSimPRO

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Open this email! Please?… Email marketing 101

If you want a quick and low-cost strategy to get more jobs quickly, then email marketing is a must do. But how do you make it work?


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Where should I run my business from?

When starting a business, one of the things you’ll need to work out is where you’ll operate.

Each business has different requirements, so it’s important to consider what will work for you when deciding on a location for your business.

25-Apr-2016 Francesca NicasioVend

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A Retailer’s Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility: Why Giving Back is Good for Business

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly popular concept in the retail world. More and more merchants are realizing that giving back doesn’t just make the world a better place, it’s also good for business.

25-Apr-2016 Bhavika ThakkarXero

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4 easy things you can do to drive customer engagement

One of the easiest ways to drive sales for your business is to have repeat and referral customers. But if you want a customer to keep coming back, or to refer you to their friends, you have to keep them engaged. This doesn’t mean hammering them with emails or making sure they’re following all your social media accounts. It means interacting with them in a meaningful way, a way that makes an impact.

25-Apr-2016 Olivia BrooksgoRoster

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Be authentic, and discover what your customers really want

Over the last few years we’ve been able to get a pretty good handle on your biggest pain points as a business.

25-Apr-2016 RyanNeto

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How to Define and Reach Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is vital for developing a marketing strategy that works. Without a particular ideal customer in mind, your efforts amount to little more than wishful thinking. There are very few niches where a business will be unopposed, and if you aren’t making efforts to refine your marketing focus to build better leads, you can be sure that your competition is. Having a great product is only part of the equation. Getting it in front of the right faces is as, if not more, important.

25-Apr-2016 Peter GearinGeoOp

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What trades and services businesses must do to stand out and be trusted

There is one quality that every trades or services business needs to survive – trustworthiness. Without it, a company and all who sail in her are destined for a watery grave.

25-Apr-2016 Sarah ChungXero

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Xero Gravity: Why digital marketing makes small biz better

Five customers from 100 leads is huge. But what about the other 95 that started out interested? The answers lay in digital marketing.

This week, Xero Gravity host Elizabeth Ü chats to Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO of online marketing firm WPromote. He’ll bust digital marketing myths and provide solutions that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We’ll also explore questions like, “We created a website, what now?” and “I get business from world of mouth, why do I need digital too?”

29-Mar-2016 Bhavika ThakkarXero

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Top 5 reasons your small business needs a website right now

With smartphones at our fingertips, customers are searching online more than anywhere else to research a product. As a small business owner, it’s critical that you have a website ready for customers who are looking you up. Understanding why it is important and figuring out where to start can be intimidating. Here’s what you need to know.

29-Mar-2016 JasonNeto

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Why Customer Service is as important as Marketing

Customer retention is vital for the growth and sustainability of any eCommerce business. The cost of acquiring new customers means building loyalty within your current customer base should take precedence.

29-Mar-2016 Erin HaywoodsimPRO

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Why you should keep marketing even when business is booming

When business is booming and everything’s going well, it seems fair to cut back on your marketing efforts. More business means less spare time, so investing effort in marketing becomes difficult, and easy to neglect.

29-Mar-2016 Sarah ChungXero

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Xero Gravity: Social Media: The ins & outs of marketing

Social media. It’s big, it’s fast, and it’s growing. What can you do to make sure you’re using the right social channels to connect with your customers and market your brand?

In this episode of Xero Gravity, hosts Elizabeth Ü and Gene Marks are joined by Mychelle Mollot, CMO at Klipfolio, and Raheela Nanji, Director at Ree Consulting Inc., to discuss all the nitty gritty details of social media in business.

29-Mar-2016 Travis GordonDebtor Daddy

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Keeping a positive customer relationship – as easy as saying “Thank you”?

As a small business owner, it’s quite likely you play both the role of salesperson and debt chaser. On one hand you want to keep the relationship positive so you can continue selling to that customer, but on the other hand you need your bills paid for your business to survive. Maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction while keeping a credit control policy that’s abided by can (at times) put you in an awkward position.

25-Feb-2016 Graham McGregor

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How to get "Success Insurance"

One of the most frustrating things in life is when you get all fired up and decide to make some big improvements in your results.

So you set goals to get in great physical shape, improve your business results, spend a lot more time with your family etc.

25-Feb-2016 Don StephenssimPRO

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Social media meets field service

We all know by now that it’s essential for a business to have an internet presence; a company website is the mainstay for anyone doing business in the 21st century.

But what about a company Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn profile? Are you losing out on potential customers by ignoring these social networking heavies? Do you panic when you think about how your lack of social media savvy has caused you to miss out on reaching your sales goals?

25-Feb-2016 Graham McGregor

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The Power of Personalisation

With many products and services you can increase sales and attract large numbers of new clients by using personalisation.
Personalisation just means you modify what you are selling so that it has more value to a particular type of customer.

26-Jan-2016 AdelaideNeto

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Strategies to grow your blog following and drive traffic

Writing a fantastic blog is just the first part in the process of channeling more traffic to your site. To be of any value, it needs to be read and shared by your audience and beyond. Below are five of the most common and effective ways to give your content exposure.

16-Dec-2015 Erin HaywoodSimPRO

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Create a quality blog post every time

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that a business has to engage with customers; it’s a direct communication channel to share timely and relevant information, plus, it fuels SEO for your business website.

16-Dec-2015 Graham McGregor

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Graham McGregor on wacky marketing strategies…

One of my favourite marketing experts is my good friend Troy White in Calgary Canada. 7 years ago Troy had an epiphany. He realized that the best marketing promotions he had done for his clients involved some wacky themes.

16-Dec-2015 Graham McGregor

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How to sell a high priced service

When you sell an expensive or high priced service there are three marketing challenges you need to solve…

16-Dec-2015 Graham McGregor

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The power of content marketing

I received some excellent marketing advice recently from Lori Nash Byron the founder of Famous in Your Field. Lori was talking about the power of content marketing. And here a few of the tips she shared with me about content marketing.

16-Dec-2015 Erin HaywoodSimPRO

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Keeping customers loyal: it’s easier with tech

In today’s competitive marketplace, there is little room for error for owners and operators in the field services industry. Businesses are under more pressure than ever to deliver an exceptional service that aligns with what customers expect.

25-Nov-2015 Francesca NicasioVend

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27 Social Media Tools Retailers Can Use to Boost Influence and Sales

Social media isn’t just about viral videos or selfies. For consumers, sites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are playing an increasingly large role in their path to purchase.

This is why it’s so important for retailers to invest in social media marketing. Having a strong presence in relevant social networks not only gives you an avenue to communicate with your audience, it also allows you to stay in the radars of your customers. This in turn, increases the likelihood of a shopper choosing your brand when they’re ready to buy.

25-Nov-2015 JasonNeto

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Build your brand and increase revenue with Instagram

Instagram is one of the big four social networks, alongside Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It took what people loved most about Facebook, sharing photos, and turned it into a global phenomenon. An average of 55 million photos are uploaded to the platform every day, which means a lot of users and a big opportunity for brands that can harness Instagram’s power.

25-Nov-2015 JasonNeto

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How online reviews can help your business grow faster

The results are in. If you’re not proactively listening to business online reviews, you might be missing out on key insights into how to grow an online business.

This consumer review survey by BrightLocal highlights how customer reviews play a vital role in helping businesses build trust with their audience.

25-Nov-2015 Francesca NicasioVend

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How to Create Holiday Gift Guides That Inspire Shoppers & Increase Sales

A gift guide is one of the most powerful tools you can have during the holidays. It allows you to showcase your products, inspire shoppers, and stay top of mind throughout the season.

But it’s important to note that creating a winning gift guide takes more than just rounding up your products and putting them in a catalogue. Releasing gift guides is a tradition in the retail world, so you have to be creative with how you craft and market them.

25-Nov-2015 JessNeto

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How to Give your Brands and Products Sticky Names

Developing product and brand names that become iconic is an art, with a whole range of factors that need to come together at the right time. These include things that are in your control, such as the words themselves, and other societal elements that no one can predict. To give your new name the best chance of success, consider the following when creating a moniker for your business or latest product.

25-Nov-2015 RyanNeto

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Impeccable Branding for Business Success

Branding is the emotional response your business evokes in its audience. It is more than a logo or a series of advertisements, it encompasses all the accumulated interactions your business has with customers. A brand is the core identity of your business and can be a powerful tool in ensuring your customers return, as well as recommend you to their friends and family. Successful branding is about capturing the hearts and minds of customers and turning them from people who use your product to advocates who go out of their way to choose you over a competitor. This loyalty is the foundation of many successful companies, from Apple to McDonalds, Coca Cola and many more.

25-Nov-2015 Andrea SilversXero

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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Does your business have what it takes?

As a small business owner, you should take any edge you can get when it comes to being successful. You never know what piece of advice is going to be the key to breaking your business wide open.

That’s why we launched our Make or Break? report,which looks into what makes businesses more likely to succeed or fail, in honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week. We want to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your business.

Here’s a quick flow chart to help you decide how to take the next steps in your business.

25-Nov-2015 Andrea SilversXero

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This survey shows what women really value in their businesses

In honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we want to celebrate women who are out there working hard on their businesses. We know starting and running your own business presents new challenges everyday. From getting funding, to keeping on top of your cash flow, to trying to be more productive. Every day it’s something new.

We asked 500 small business owners about how the run their business and the things they think about every day. We found that the women in our survey are constantly hustling for their business. Not only that, they tend to only turn to their accountant during tax times. We know that having a great advisor can be the key to maintaining a healthy business.

Take a look at some of the other findings from our survey:

25-Nov-2015 RyanNeto

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Is Free Shipping Right for your Business?

The promise of free-shipping can seem too good to be true, and often it is suspected that the shipping costs have been absorbed into the price of the goods. This can sometimes be true, but with products that are available online direct from the manufacturer, it makes it harder for retailers to add their own mark-up. Competing on price becomes impossible and retailers have to find other ways to set themselves apart. Free shipping becomes the next logical step.

25-Nov-2015 Marina HolmesXero

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A retailer explains how you can still make a living with a bricks-and-mortar store

At Xero, we use the power of technology to foster innovation, connection and entrepreneurialism. To create beautiful work that makes a difference. This is why each month, we speak to business leaders within our like-minded community – to see how they apply similar values to shape their businesses, and their futures.

This month, we speak to Ted Gethen – founder of The Black Label Tailoring. Together with his business partner, Brendan, Ted has built a strong supply chain and opened four stores which give men the opportunity to dress with style and comfort, at a price point they can afford.

Ted tells us in his words why personal customer service has become the cornerstone of their success. And also how, in a world of internet shopping, their bricks-and-mortar business continues to thrive.


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The Do Not Call Register

Does your business use telemarketing or fax marketing to promote goods or services?
If so, you need to be aware of your obligations under the Do Not Call Register Act External Site.

28-Oct-2015 Ryanneto

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How your business can benefit from a loyalty program

Customer retention is the most important form of marketing. These are people who have already engaged with your business and their return depends on the quality of your products and the standard of your service. A loyalty program offers added value and a tangible reason to shop with your company again.

27-Oct-2015 Graham McGregor

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How to use LinkedIn effectively

I used to think that LinkedIn was just a networking tool to keep in touch with business contacts, associates, colleagues etc. But all of this changed recently, when I came across an entrepreneur called Alex Pirouz.

27-Oct-2015 Graham McGregor

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How to Write a Marketing Plan for SMEs

I had the opportunity recently to meet with Nicole Crump the owner of Tactix Marketing. We were both speaking at a seminar for a client in the sales technology field. I discovered that Nicole spends a good amount of time showing SME’s how to put together an effective marketing plan. So I invited her to share some ideas on how to do this.

28-Sep-2015 Peter ReessimPRO

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3 Signs that Your Business Website is Failing You

28-Sep-2015 Graham McGregor

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Marketing Opportunities are everywhere...

Great opportunities to grow your business are actually all around you.

28-Sep-2015 Graham McGregor

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Marketing with Free Stuff

One of my favourite entrepreneurs is Dale Beaumont.

28-Sep-2015 Blair StrasserWorkflowMax

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Six Strategies to Promote Your Business to an International Audience

Whenever a new business starts, it tries to consolidate by focusing on its native region, a market it is familiar with. It is a natural instinct to make the most of one’s home advantage. But sooner or later a moment comes when we realize that there is a need to move out of one’s comfort zone and explore other territories in search of growth. While it is a delicate task and the specifics will vary from case to case, let us list out a few basic strategies that should help you get started.

28-Sep-2015 Steff GreenWorkflowMax

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The business Selfie: Getting that Perfect Headshot for Your Website

As a service business, you don’t usually need product photographs for a catalogue or online shop, but what you will need is a great photo of yourself. Images on your website help make you more approachable and real, and if you’re going to do anything online, you need a decent headshot to accompany your profile. From your website about page to your social media profiles and any article ever written about you by any publication, ever, you’re going to need a decent picture to use … and a selfie taken with your camera phone just isn’t going to cut it.

28-Sep-2015 Neto

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5 Ways to Optimise your Business for Local Search

Before we consider the ways to optimise your website for local search, let's see what local search really is, and why it is important for your business: If you ever used the Google now feature on an Android phone, have you noticed how Google is able to return the results for places to eat around you, or popular shopping destinations in the vicinity? Similarly, have you ever wondered how Siri on the iPhone is able to tell you how many good Italian restaurants are in your neighbourhood? Another example is a set of listings you see on Google desktop search.

28-Sep-2015 Australian Taxation Office

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Help your business stand out

Developing a brand for your business means giving it an ‘identity’ or personality.


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Keeping in touch with your customers

Whether you’re running a cafe, a landscaping business or you’re a virtual assistant, repeat customers and positive word of mouth are important to your business’s success. Here are some great ways to make sure your customers remember your business and recommend you to their friends.

27-Sep-2015 Andrea SilversXero

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5 easy ways to convert leads into sales

Cash flow is a hot topic for any small business. We caught up with the people over at Fundbox, who know a thing or two about the importance of having cash on hand. Anna Eschenburg offered to give us the rundown on how to get better at lead conversion.

27-Sep-2015 Alex CruickshankXero

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Why your niche business could be the next global brand

“Everything that can be invented has been invented,” said the Director of the US Patent Office in 1899. It was a breathtakingly naive thing to say even then. But many business owners today still make a similar mistake. They look at the market around them and assume it’s fixed. Having marked out their territory they believe nothing will change.

27-Sep-2015 Alex CruickshankXero

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Reach your business goals with one simple trick

Business owners have so many distractions that it’s easy to… where was I? Oh yes, to lose focus. But there’s a way you can keep yourself on track.

No doubt you started your business for a good reason. It might have been to get rich, to escape the rat race or to challenge yourself. It might have been to change the world for the better. It might have simply been to generate a regular income while being your own boss instead of having other people tell you what to do.

26-Aug-2015 Monica ShepherdWorkflowMax

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9 Tips for Writing Irresistible Service Descriptions for Your Website

A potential customer has landed on your website, and your home page has so far convinced them enough that they like the vibe of your company. But your site’s job is not done yet. Before they decide if you’re the right business for the job, your customer will click through to your service descriptions to make sure that what you offer fits with what they’re looking for.

26-Aug-2015 Graham McGregor

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Graham McGregor on marketing tips for busy people

Most of us today have very busy lives in our businesses.
So I like marketing tips that I can get quickly and put into action fast.

28-Jul-2015 Francesca NicasioVend

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3 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience Strategy

Customer expectations have changed rapidly for retailers, and the pressure to provide great shopping and checkout experiences is more critical than ever. In the last 5 years, it’s become clearer that you’re not just competing with the shops in your community – you’re competing on a global level with every online business. There’s even a new app that will send competitors’ coupons to your customers when they walk into your store.

28-Jul-2015 Graham McGregor

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Graham McGregor on the value of focussing on a niche in your marketing

28-Jul-2015 Graham McGregor

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The power of thank you

I’m a big fan of simple marketing strategies that are easy to use and produce a noticeable impact on your sales results when you use them consistently.
And that’s why I love thank you cards
Thank you cards are easy to use, very affordable and work like magic.

27-Jul-2015 Alex CruickshankXero

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Does gender matter in marketing?

“Female customers? Make it pink.”
I once heard this sage advice in a product marketing meeting. It was said partly in jest – but only partly. Does that make it insulting, offensive, and sexist? Or was it a helpful insight into gender biases amongs consumers?

23-Jun-2015 Francesca NicasioVend

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5 Questions Every Retailer Should Ask When Opening Additional Locations

Opening additional retail stores is always an exciting endeavor. When implemented correctly, expanding to new locations enables you to tap into new communities, create more jobs, increase revenues, and more.

In other words, opening additional stores can catapult your business to higher levels of retail success. But in order to achieve that success, you need to plan your expansion thoroughly. Rapidly sprouting up new stores can do more harm than good if you don’t think things through.

23-Jun-2015 Russ FujiokaXero

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5 tips to grow sales in your small business

Sales drive a small business forward, but too often they’re a sideline rather than a focus.

From owning and selling a small business to being CEO of a billion dollar company, I’ve seen sales from every angle. Here are my suggestions to grow sales by creating a small business where sales are a focus and customers keep coming through your door.

23-Jun-2015 Francesca NicasioVend

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Big Name Retailer Moving into Town? 5 Things You Should Do ASAP

Having a big name retailer move in on your turf can be quite daunting. Retail giants not only carry the name recognition that draws huge crowds, but they also have resources and connections to drive down prices and offer tremendous deals.

26-May-2015 Graham McGregor

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Graham McGregor on three valuable marketing lessons

I've learned a number of valuable marketing lessons over the last few weeks and I thought I'd share three of these with you.

26-May-2015 Xero

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How to understand your customers

In more than 20 years of writing for and about a wide variety of companies, I’ve noticed something important. The businesses that flourish are the ones that truly understand their customers – who they are and what they want.


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Maximise your profit with upsells and cross sells

As a merchant or a person acquainted with ecommerce, you might have heard such terms as “cross selling” and “upselling”. But if you think these are some sort of sophisticated novelties – they are not. These techniques have been used by many generations of traditional retailers and are still considered to be the keys to profit generation.

26-May-2015 Cara WoodVend

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Retail Sales Tips: How to Read Customers and Sell to Them Like a Pro

Are you a retailer (or retail sales associate) who’s struggling with how to approach shoppers? Worried that you lack the magic touch, or that you’ll come off as an annoying salesperson? Would you rather be awkwardly staring at your store’s point of sale software screen than actually talking to the customer in front of you?

26-May-2015 Chirag AhujaWorkflowMAX

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Secret Tips for Agencies to Improve Client Relationships

The beginning of a relationship is always the best. You laugh at each other’s jokes, you look forward to every phone call, and you truly enjoy getting to know one another.

26-May-2015 Xero

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Six good reasons to start a business

This guest blog is by Tim Campbell, the first winner of BBC TV’s The Apprentice and co-founder of the Bright Ideas Trust, a charity that helps people start their own businesses.

26-May-2015 Graham McGregor

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Smart Business Advice - Improving Sales

What ‘simple things’ can you do to improve sales?
Regardless of what is going on in the economy there are always simple things many businesses can use to improve their sales and profits.
Sometimes making more sales is as simple as talking to more potential customers about what you sell.

26-May-2015 Xero

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Writing a blog & why your customers will love it

You offer a valuable service, a skill set or a must-have product. Whatever your business, your customers obviously turn to you for a reason. And when it comes to sharing a little knowledge, your customers will be ready and waiting to read something from you, in your own voice.

28-Apr-2015 Francesca NicasioVend

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Customer Acquisition Techniques Every Retailer Should Know

Congrats! You just finished setting up your online store. You’ve created winning product pages, put up some killer product photos, and you’re ready to start selling to the world.

28-Apr-2015 Maxine ThamNeto

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How social commerce could be the game changer

We live in a social world. As much as some of us hate to admit it, social media plays a significant role in our everyday lives – from news updates to obscure selfies – the world is documented through social feeds.

28-Apr-2015 LukeNeto

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Make the use of 1-click sales in your emails

Ever get that one product in that you just know will sell if people just get a chance to buy it quickly and easily?

27-Apr-2015 Graham McGregor

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Understanding ‘word of mouth'...

One of the marketing e-zines I find particularly helpful is called ‘The Likeable Expert’. It is written by Michael Katz the owner of Blue Penguin Development.

27-Apr-2015 Graham McGregor

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Where is the ‘hidden market’ for what you sell?

One of the big opportunities for many businesses is the huge ‘hidden market’ for what they offer.

26-Mar-2015 Maxine ThamAlpha Digital

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How to write SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

We understand that SEO can be a bit of a mysterious beast. So we reached out to our friends from Alpha Digital, to share some of their best practice tips to help you make your product descriptions SEO friendly.

26-Mar-2015 Neto

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The Importance of Using Professional Photography for Products

Human beings are overwhelmingly visual. How could I say that? 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. Why are high-quality photos important for online retail?

26-Mar-2015 Graham McGregor

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Using Creative Thinking to Increase your Sales

There a simple creative thinking system that you might like to use to increase your sales fast. It’s called the 20 idea method.

26-Mar-2015 Francesca NicasioVend

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How to Get in Front of Customers Who Are at the Research Stage of the Shopping Journey

It’s very rare for consumers to make purchase decisions without doing any research. Save for impulse buys, people generally take their time and consult several sources when they’re trying to decide what to buy and who to buy from.

26-Mar-2015 Graham McGregor

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What is your Unfair Marketing Advantage strategy for the next 12 months?

What is your ‘Unfair Marketing Advantage Strategy’ going to be for the next 12 months?
In other words, what will you change (or do differently) so you get much better business results in the next 12 months with a lot less effort?

26-Mar-2015 Chirag AhujaWorkflowMax

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3 Time Management Tips For Agency Pros

Agency-life can be a whirlwind. With client requests, impromptu projects, and ever-looming deadlines, simply retaining your sanity can be tough. But all hope is not lost.

24-Feb-2015 KushalNeto

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5 Trends that could affect your ecommerce store in 2015

When Heraclitus said “the only thing constant is change” in the 5th century BC, he probably didn’t have the internet in mind, but his words couldn’t apply more closely to any other field than to this one.

24-Feb-2015 Francesca NicasioVend

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Don’t Get Left Behind: 6 Ways Retailers Can Adapt and Evolve along with Customers

Change. Whether you’re someone who welcomes it with open arms, or you’re the type who tries to maintain the status quo as long as possible, change is inescapable. As the cliché goes, change the only constant thing in the world. And in retail, this statement couldn’t be more true, especially in the last few years!

24-Feb-2015 Steff GreenWorkflowMax

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Got a Blog? These 10 Blogging Trends Could Impact You in 2015

Over the last five years, blogging for business has become an industry unto itself. With numerous companies all over the world vying for the top talent and the most pageviews, it’s no surprise that the top business blogs are those which can adapt and respond to the changing landscape of the digital world.

14-Jan-2015 goRoster

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Tips For Attracting New Customers To Your Business

I’m sure we all remember using acrostic poems growing up. This week we’ve chosen to discuss the topic of customers in acrostic form!

14-Jan-2015 Stef GreenWorkflow Max

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Marketing Trends in 2015 Your Agency Needs to Know About

As an agency working with brands to create engaging marketing and digital content campaigns, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the trends in the market.

14-Jan-2015 Monica ShepherdWorkflow Max

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50 Online Tools That Small Business Owners Can't Blog Without

Is THIS the year that you are going to concentrate on your inbound marketing and commit to creating a blog that generates results for your business? Great news!

14-Jan-2015 goRoster

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7 Reasons Why You Might Be Losing Customers

Take a moment to imagine you’ve been given the task of being a mystery shopper for one night. Your job is to go in and assess multiple aspects of a venue: its employees, its food and beverage, the decor, the atmosphere – the works.

02-Dec-2014 Stef GreenWorkflowMax

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Deducing Your Customers: The How & Why of Conducting Market Research

“Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay.” So said the irrepressible Sherlock Holmes in one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories, and so echoes thousands of business analysts and statisticians the world over.

11-Aug-2014 Grant JohnsonRocketSpark

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Google places for business

80% of success is showing up – Woody Allen

He’s right, don’t you think? So much of our success—and failure—hinges on simply showing up. And the same goes for your business. When a potential customer searches for your product or service, your business needs to show up. How? Google Places for Business. It’s a powerful tool that ensures that your business shows up on a nearby customer’s radar.

05-Aug-2014 David BarrettExpensify Blog

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Genuine Conversation is the Best Social Media Strategy

Imagine you ran a coffee shop with great coffee, a cool vibe, comfortable seating… and no customers. Not an uncommon problem, and the classic solution promoted by social media experts would be something like:

“Create a Twitter handle and offer discounts to customers who follow. Broadcast weekly events and promotions via Twitter and engage with your audience to encourage them to come and bring their friends. More discounts to people who get their friends to follow. Create a mailing list; Tumblr; Facebook page; etc, etc.”

03-Aug-2014 Jonathan LucasJames & Wells

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Innovative Concept Development: the Life Cycle Series video

With the spotlight on agribusiness and food technology sectors, we're leading the conversation about the life cycle of innovative ideas.

Presented by Senior Associate Jonathan Lucas and Catalyst Ltd Director, Janes Lancaster, this video highlights how to develop products and services with a long term vision, ensuring sustainable success.

30-Jun-2014 Xero

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Streamline Sales and Invoicing with Cloud Accounting Software

A successful, solid sales process is crucial for small businesses. But seeing your cashflow through to completion is just as important. To achieve this, it’s vital that you have a strong invoicing process and an accounting system that’s intuitive, easy to use and complements your sales process.