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Software Testing

As Xero experts, we can test your Add-on software to ensure it’s doing its job and working in harmony with your Xero data. We’ll perform BETA/User Acceptance Testing for your app, giving you all the confidence you need that your mapping and synchronising data are in perfect working order prior to roll out.

What is UAT?
Software programs and applications go through multiple stages of development before being released to the public. In most cases, the final step is known as ‘User Accepting Testing’, ‘UAT’ or ‘beta testing’. Its ultimate goal is to evaluate the program's response to all possible scenarios post-go-live. The end result is a detailed analysis of the program's responses to each scenario, which can then be used to fix any problems identified during testing.

Our UAT experience:
We have worked on a variety of software applications and cloud-based systems:
IBM mainframe systems: manufacturing/engineering motor industry environment, rolling out dealer orders derivative updates to & from BOM/Model file ordering systems nationally & internationally via UK, USA & South Africa
On-premise Desktop: CRM & software for building industry
Tested environment for desktop application (MYOB) synchronising data to web-based application creating quotes, invoices, orders expenses & contacts online while data updated via desktop software in real time
Cloud applications: ‘best of breed’ cloud apps, payroll systems, CRM, eCommerce payment portal via API & Xero, Alert App, Job Management software for trades & services

Liaised with developers on Mechanical Workshop Add-on prior to roll-out & approval

Our software testing includes:

  • Help with test plan creation
  • Assist with the set up of test environment
  • Understanding the impact of your app to your accounting app
  • Ensuring data mapping is correct
  • Performing data verification
  • Finding errors & establishing cause of link errors
  • Focus on building the right features
  • Fixing, logging defects & submitting report
  • Help with preparing user manual

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